5 amazing facts about Son Doong cave

Majestic magnificent scenery inside Son Doong cave just exceeds imagination and creativity of the artists.

Being recognized as the largest natural cave in the world, Son Doong (Quang Binh province) hides many secrets that scientists could not decipher. This is a destination that many tourists are willing to pay $3,000 to go to, but they have to queue after 2016, because tours have already booked from now til then.

1. Son Dong cave was discovered in a rainy day

In 1991, Ho Khanh, a local man, accidentally discovered Son Doong cave when he came to in order to avoid rain. After a long time, till 2009, when a expedition team of British Caving Association came to this area to explore, Mr. Ho Khanh just notified them about the cave.

5 điều kỳ thú ở Sơn Đoòng

Part of the roof of the cave had been collapsed from a few centuries ago. Thus, rain water and sunlight can get into here, creating favorable conditions for tree growth inside the cave. Photo: Huffington Post.

Mr. Ho Khanh had struggled to find the cave entrance which is located deeply in the jungle with very rugged terrain, away from roads and can not been seen with Google Earth. With his help, the expedition team went deep into the cave to take photos, measure and collect scientific data. Mr. Ho Khang described: “when entering the cave, we feel cool breeze wind blowing from the cave, sound of wind through the cliffs …”.

2. It can accommodate a 40-storey building

Son Doong cave has width of 150 m, height of 200 m, and at least 5 km length. The actual length of the cave may bigger than data that scientists have recorded. However, the expedition team of British Caving Association can not go all the depth of the cave, due to technical limitations.

However, with recorded data, Son Doong cave overcomes Deer cave in Gunung Mulu National Park of Malaysia (120 meters high, 150 meters wide, 2 km long) to be recognized as the largest natural cave in the world.

5 điều kỳ thú ở Sơn Đoòng

Due to vastness of the cave, the expedition team faced a lot of difficulties to take measurement and photography instruments into the cave for research. Photo: sondoongcave.

In addition, some sections inside Son Doong cave have size of 140m x 140 m, including stone stalactites of 14m high. Photographer Carsten Peter has taken a photo recording cave passage that is about 91.44 m wide, 243.84m high of the cave arch. It means that the cave can accommodate a high building of 40 floors inside.

3. It was formed from 5 million years ago

According to scientific data, Son Doong cave was formed when river water flows through the limestone area. Over millions of years, water stream eroded and created a giant tunnel under the mountain underground.

4. Abundant plan system

Because the ceiling of Son Doong cave had collapsed centuries ago so there is a lush forest inside the cave, that adventurers have named as Eden forest. This forest is inhabited by monkeys and bats. Many kinds of fern, palm, vines covers the cave from outside to inside.

Ancient lake, waterfall, river inside the cave forms abundant vegetation grass. In particular, explorers also found pearls species.

5. Why is Son Doong cave restricted to visitors

The reason for limiting Son Doong cave tour is to protect landscape and environment. Currently, mystery of the world inside the cave has not been decoded yet. So Son Doong cave is welcom to explorers, biological research experts than curious visitors.

5 amazing facts about Son Doong cave

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