6 beautiful beaches in Vietnam Central Land

Having long coastline, the central land of Vietnam has been given by the nature a lot of stunning beaches with white fine sand, clear blue water and extremely charming scenery.

6 beautiful beaches in Vietnam Central Land

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1. Cua Lo Beach

Refering to famous beaches of the central land, Cua Lo beach must be listed. Located about 18 km from the city, Cua Lo beach is 10 km long and is a familiar destination of many tourists for a long time, especially in the long holidays.

6 bãi biển đẹp ở miền Trung

Cua Lo beache has 3 area: Lan Chau, Xuan Huong, Song Ngu. Beautiful scenery, blue sky and water, fine white sand, whispering waves will bring you to the most comfortable moments. If given an opportunity to visit Cua Lo, you should not forget to enjoy seafood here, because it is well-known delicious and cheap.

2. Thuan An Beach

Located 15 km from Hue city to the east, Thuan An is known as an ideal tourist destination. Thuan An beach is nearly 1km long with white sand and clear sea water. Thuan An beach is the most bustle during April to September.

6 bãi biển đẹp ở miền Trung

Getting up early to watch dawn of Thuan An, tourists will be surprised by beauty of the nature here. As the sun dawn, sunny rays is like to be awakened after a long sleep, stretching along sea waves to create a three-dimensional picture.

6 bãi biển đẹp ở miền Trung

Watching the red sun slowly sink into the dark black horizon in sunset, travelers will also surprised by great splendor of nature. This is also a moment when travelers can go barefoot on sand to enjoy cool sea wind and feel white sand blows between toes.

3. Lang Co Beach

Coming to Hue, do not miss a chance to see Lang Co beach that is named as “beauty of fishing village”. Indeed, many tourists, when being immersed in the scenery of Lang Co, have to say, “Lang Co is nicer than ink painting”.

6 bãi biển đẹp ở miền Trung

Lang Co beach is 10 km long, with clear blue sea water, white sand and is next to charming Hai Van Pass and in distance of 24km to Bach Ma National Park. This beach has a coastline of small slope, white sand, medium and big waves, so it is suitable for swimming, resort, diving.

Lang Co is located on the North-South tourist route, 30km from Danang and 70 km from Hue city to be extremely convenient for travel.

4. Thien Cam beach

Thien Cam beach is located away 20 km from Ha Tinh province towards southeast. It possesses a fascinating wilderness beauty of impressive guitar shape. Thien Cam beach has 3 areas, while main area is 3 km long with white sand and flat ground, clear blue sea water so that you can see the beach bottom.

6 bãi biển đẹp ở miền Trung

Thien Cam beach is very gentle, no big waves to surf, there is only a tiny gentle waves. Moreover, Thien Cam beach is also given by beautiful islands like Hon En, Hon Bo and natural winding and extremely impressive mountains.

5. My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach of Da Nang is only about 900 meters long, but always crowded because it is the most attractive beache for local and international visitors. In 2005, Forbes magazines (USA) has voted My Khe beach as one of the most 6 charming beach in the planet.

6 bãi biển đẹp ở miền Trung

My Khe beach is famous by white sand, gentle ocean waves, warm water year round and surrounded by dreamy beautiful coconut trees.

My Khe beach is crowded year around, but it is the most bustle from May to August of lunar calendar. Visiting My Khe, you can experience activities as fishing, windsurfing, diving, yachting.

6. Cua Dai Beach

Because Cua Dai is only 5 km away from Hoi An, so it is a destination you should not be missed when traveling to Hoi An. Cua Dai beach has youthful life with many splendid buildings an resorts. With beautiful beaches and fresh air, Cua Dai promises to bring relax and comfort for travelers.

6 bãi biển đẹp ở miền Trung

Cua Dai is a place where Thu Bon river enters to the sea, so there is a lot of fish here. One of the most interesting tourist attractions is fishing… Guests can go fishing nearshore or they can also hire a small bamboo basket to go far away in the sea.

Source photos: The MASK.