A surprising America road trip

Let’s forget about New York with concrete blocks crushed to each other, ignore sin Las Vegas city, say goodbye to “angels” in Los Angeles, jump into an America road trip and you will see a different America: an America that can make you breathless because of wonders.

A surprising America road trip

Summer trip

I wake up at 5 am in the morning. Wind on the Colorado River has stopped blowing. There is no sign of a dawn in the sky. I come back into my sleeping bag, thinking about the place where I am, a solitary area surrounded by highest red mountains and opaque strips. It is fifth morning of the road trip through six states we are traveling in this summer.

Today, we’re going to Arches National Park (The domes) after a day of exhaustion along the strip of empty asphalt roads along the Colorado River, between red mountains blocking the horizon.

A surprising America road trip

There are many ways to know how vast America is, but a very interesting way is take a summer travel road trip. Just remember to fill up gas tank, and go. In the days of traveling from state to state, people take everything into car from tent, food, boat …

A surprising America road trip

There are people who have ever been outside of the US for life time, because it is too large, and they do not want to step out of their own safe area. They will cry if getting thrown into hot, dusty and noisy by honking Saigon, or to eat spicy Indian meals.

But staying in this concrete box is also bored, so that is the summer, they go together to forests, sea, go road trip “, one my friend has explained with such humor.

Where the entire whole world is? A surprising America road trip

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A surprising America road trip

I think that coming to America, without an America road trip to watch spectacular canyons in Utah, majestic waterfalls falling down from hundred meter height in California, or walk along forest road trails between lonely natural areas, is a pity. Because the treasure of this country is mainly here: endless stretch of green fields, pure clean lake and Rocky Mountains of millions years old, and not in bright lights magnificent cities of the United States.

Grand Teton with snow-capped peaks in the summer, Yellowstone with hot bright yellow-red springs, Bryce Canyon with layers of Rocky Mountains changing color under the sun…

On the long America road trip from this mountain to other valley, no one mind to wake up at 4 a.m. in the morning, just to sit inside the dome Mesa Arch of Canyonlands park, waiting first rays of the day touching the dome, to see a misty scenery of other side of the arch becoming a completely marvelous world. A sleepless night to admire the stars strips creating a picture of enchanting universe above stone bridges of Natural Bridges memorial area is also unforgettable.

Plant enthusiasts would like to breathe fresh air in the Yosemite Park when sunlight touches pure clean lake in mist, reflecting green pine groves.

A surprising America road trip

Famous words of Che Guevara “Happiness is a journey, not a destination” are clearly expressed on the long road trip. A lot of times we stopped to ask ourselves “Where do people go? Where the entire whole world is?”. Look up from the reading book, I tried to find out a deer rushed across the road, but in response there was only an untouched space.

In a few quiet asphalt roads, we passed by abandoned towns in that there are only a few roofs with holes and without main doors. Occasionally we caught sight of some Americans sitting by wooden porch in sadness. We recognized that there are places where the America becomes so small, bored and melancholy.

Kinh ngạc nước Mỹ

But sometimes, in the other side of car glass is Tahoe Lake (California and Nevada) with ultramarine green water, Swans valley (Idaho) , valley of the Gods (Utah). Nature of America is beautiful enough to make all the sadness disappeared, and dip people into the eagerness, curiosity when being in the middle of trees and mountains.

Kinh ngạc nước Mỹ

According to statistics, 11 billions of visitors, including Americans and all over the world have visited Parks of the America in the past years. Each year, system of Parks in the America offers more than 250,000 jobs and contributes around $30 billion to the US economy. Most tourists visit national parks of the United States in the summer, up 42%. Fall and spring are second favorite time of year, with 24% of each season; the remaining 10% goes to winter.

Americans love outdoors activities with camping (accounting for 42% of the total), 36% are staying overnight in a RV car at a national park and 22% are staying in more comfortable hotels.

Source photos: DinhHang.com