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Looking to get in touch? I’m happy to answer any questions you might have for future trips to Vietnam.Following guidelines may help you to find out information you need without emailing to me:

  • If you are looking for Vietnam travel destination information, please consult my Vietnam Travel or use the search toolbar on the top right of the page. Basic information on what to see, do, and how much things cost in a place can be found throughout the site.
  • If you are looking for other travel destination information over the world, please consult Other Destinations topic.
  • If you are looking for hotels, please consult Hotel topic.
  • If you are looking for Food, please consult Food and Drink topic.

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  • I’m not a travel agency, so i can not reply to emails asking me to book a trip.
  • If you work in PR, don’t send me press releases or put me on your mailing list.
  • I do not accept guest posts and inquiries will be deleted.

If you’re inquiring about something else, kindly e-mail me at: