Da Lat – Small Paris of Vietnam

Being a provincial city of Lam Dong province, Da Lat is located on the Lam Vien Plateau. It is about 300 kilometers from Saigon, Dalat city – the Spring City is well known for cool climate, poetic landscapes, friendly people and modern services as well. Therefore, Da Lat is always evaluated one of the most wonderful destinations in Vietnam. Coming to this land, visitors will surely be captivated by the dreaming natural scenery and maybe think that they are straying into somewhere in Europe.

Da Lat is the most beautiful in the winter. At this time, all the roads are covered with of many kinds of pretty flowers such as wild sunflowers, mimosa flowers and cherry blossoms. The rainy season often starts from August to the middle of October. Getting here in this season, the temperature is not really cold but you still need wearing a jacket at night.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery


Located next to Tuyen Lam Lake, Truc Lam Zen Monastery is the largest one in Vietnam. It is not only a place of many monks to study about meditation but also a destination attracting many tourists to visit and worship. Getting to Truc Lam Zen Monastery, you will have chance to contemplate the sophisticated crafted statues. It is also regarded as an ideal place to find peace and balance in the soul after stress days of life. Besides, pilgrims can also admire many beautiful kinds of flowers planted in pagoda precinct.

Valley of Love

Just far away city centre 5 kilometers to the north, Valley of Love is one of romantic landscapes in Da Lat.


This is considered a marvelous destination for those coming with their lovers or spending their honeymoon. Coming here, you will be surprised by its beauty with green lawns, pine hills and colorful flowers.

In this resort, Eden Hill is the best place surrounded by many clear lakes. From here, you can leisurely sit; drop fishing rod and watch the water surface lightly shake whenever fishes bite the bait. It also brings some other attractive services like surfing waves by canoe, duck boat driving.

Langbiang Mount

At the height of 2,167 meters, Langbiang is the top choice for visitors who want to explore and conquer the height. Located in the heart of Lam Vien valley, this place is very perfect for picnics and camping overnight.


Reaching to Langbiang in day-time, visitors can travel around to discover magnificent natural landscape of this area or look Lach girls weaving brocade. And at night, the chilly air of plateau will be very suitable for groups of travelers to sit around bonfire, hold outdoor parties with wine and traditional dances. Normally, tourists will choose jeep as a means to reach to Langbiang. However, if you are adventurous people, you can conquer the “roof of Da Lat” by walking through the forest and swing.

Strawberry Gardens

Thanks to the temperate climate, Dalat is appropriate for planting a wide variety of fruit trees, especially the one only planted in the land of fog as strawberries. Strawberries here often have big size and are grown year round, but the main crop of this fruit is spring. Should you travel to Da Lat, do not miss the opportunity to visit strawberry garden. Here, you can witness the production process from sowing a seed, tending, harvesting and enjoying fresh, attractive strawberries as well. Furthermore, visitors coming to the garden will be given to a box to manually gather strawberries.


Xuan Huong Lake

 No one who has come to Da Lat could skip Xuan Huong Lake, the inspiration for many poets and writers. It is not only headwater of Cam Ly waterfall but also most beautiful lake, the heart of city centre. This is a crescent-shaped lake made by art of man, which has appeal to numerous visitors and couples. The lake surface is smooth as crystal glasses reflecting rows of pine trees that create poetic beauty, the unique feature of Da Lat tourism. At the close of day, visitors can stroll or sit on carriage to go around the lake, feel chilly of plateau or sip wine, a cup of coffee at Thuy Ta, Thanh Thuy Restaurant on waterside. In addition, referring to Da Lat, we cannot ignore other famous destinations such as Ha Dong flower village, Linh An pagoda, Hang Nga villa-“crazy house”, Cu Lan Village, Datanla or  Prenn waterfall.


Da Lat special food

Besides the great scenic spot, Da Lat attracts and leaves an impression on visitors by delicious dishes. After going around, tourists can drop by a small restaurant on pavement or get to Am Phu market to taste many unique foods such as grilled pork patty, beef stew and baguettes, water fern cake, Quang noodle, vegetarian foods.


It is true to say that Da Lat is the paradise of love or the city of thousand pines. Let take the maximum time in Da Lat to enjoy life here. Waking up early to watch the city hidden in the mist; taking part in some outdoor activities, running along the roads; stopping at a few places, enjoying delicious dishes and returning when the city lights up. You had better not waste any second or minute at this beautiful city in order not to regret when leaving.