Fantastic destinations in Sapa

Sapa is not a strange destination on Vietnam travelling map. This area hides many marvelous things of nature with terraced field carpets mixed with the green mountains that create the picture having harmonious and dreaming layout between the earth and sky and rustic people of Northwest forests.

Sapa is regarded an ideal place for traveling because the climate here is really cool around year. The best time to reach to Sapa is from December to November or from March to May. In this time, the climate is quite stable; it is sunny in daytime and cold at night. In April and May, Sapa is covered with colorful flowers and green fields. When it is at the end of October, the early September, the terraces have yellow color like art work; you should travel to Sapa after Lunar New Year to enjoy the beauty of many kinds of flower jubilantly blooming.


Flower season in Sapa

In winter, from December to February of the following year, it is colder especially in the northeast at night. However, you will have chance to enjoy the sunset view on high valley in the early morning. Moreover, Sapa often has snow in recent years and this is a nice occasion for tourists to witness the romantic scene. Many newly couples also choose this wonderland for their honeymoon.

Fantastic destinations in Sapa

Ham Rong Moutain:

A place that is famous for many types of colorful flowers imported from Russia, France and hundreds of Japanese cherry trees, and they are planted on each own campus. In this place, there is also an orchid garden with a variety of rare flowers. Ham Rong has width of 148ha, fully exploited wild and natural character of the moss stone forest (20-30 years old). The higher you get the more fabulous landscape you can see and inspire to discover. Especially, this is a great place for those who have passion with travelling and taking photo. Getting here, surely you will own the most impressive pictures. In addition, travelers can get to know the cultural value of minority ethnic when visiting around the performance area of Mong ethnic guys and girls. It is not exaggerated to say that Ham Rong Moutain is a small Sapa, because tourists can feel converging beauty of nature, culture and residents here.


Majestic scene of Ham Rong Moutain

Bac Waterfall

Stay far away Sapa town about 12km, Bac Water is a symbol for wild and mysterious beauty of this land. Standing from a long distance, travelers can hear the sound of rushing waterfall. This is considered the road leading to sky and reaching here once time, you will be surprised by majestic mountain and landscape around.

Fantastic destinations in Sapa

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Bac Waterfall

Cat Cat Village

Being a H’Mong village, far away Sapa town 2 km. This is a fascinating sight of Sa Pa tourism. Cat Cat Village is formed from the mid of 19th century by an ethnic group bunched. They grow rice, corn on the terraced fields in accordance with the manual method. They know to cultivate, raise livestock, and well preserve many traditional crafts such as growing cotton, linen and textile fabrics. It is considered an ideal culture destination for travelers.


Cat Cat Village

Ta Van Village

Ta Van means a “large arc” in the Hmong language. This is a beautiful village like a picture leaning back on the Hoang Lien Son range and facing clear Muong Hoa Stream. From this area, the visitors can easily get to other famous places of Lao Cai such as Lao Chai, May bridge, Ta Phin, etc.


Ta Van Village

Discovery Phanxipang Summit- the roof of Indochina

Phanxipang is the highest mountain of the Indochinese Peninsula (3,143 m), located in the center of Hoang Lien Son range. Although it is only 9 km from Sapa town to the southwest, it takes 6 to 7 days to conquer this mountain by hiking or climbing.


Phanxipang Summit- the roof of Indochina

On the road getting to summit, visitors can explore the flora, fauna and natural attraction of Hoang Lien range. In which there are many Hoang Lien trees, precious medical herbs and precious woods, birds like grouse, bear, monkey, antelope, etc. Many people say that reaching to the height of 2400 meters; you can experience interesting feeling that seems to be able to touch the clouds on the sky.

In addition, if you have occasion to set food on Sapa, do not forget the Sapa Stone Church, unique architecture of this magic land. Located in the heart of Sapa town, it was built in 1895 and it is considered ancient architectural imprint that the French left. This church was embellished, conserved and became an indispensable picture when referring to the misty Sapa town.


Sapa Stone Church

The next stopper you should get once time is Fairy Cave. It is approximately 6 km from the Bao Nhai town center (Bac Ha). Reaching a boat, you will be taken through Trung Do ancient citadel with numerous legends. The two sides are primeval forests and are covered with a cool and fresh climate. Small streams from the top dump, these scenes are like a magic silk waving in the drizzle rain. The water is like the skilled sculptor carving into cliffs to create floating lotus, the stalactites with various forms. It is true to say that Fairy Cave is a small HaLong in Sapa. Many visitors come here for sightseeing, or immersing themselves in the sunshine of Flower Island and all wishing to be blessed beauty, health and wealth.


Fairy Cave

If you have time, do not waste your youth, just pick up your bags and travel to get to know about the culture and beautiful landscape around us. Before beginning your journey, remember to list Sapa to your tourism schedule. Surely, you will have the most wonderful experience in your life. The misty Sapa town is worthy place that any one should come here once time in lifetime.