Guide for Hue Vietnam travel – the hidden beauty of Vietnam

Referring to Hue, people often think about the palaces, temples which bring ancient breath of glorious kings. Everyone desires to once come to Hue to see the vivid evidences of the last feudal dynasty. Not only that, gentle grace and slow pace of life as well here are also loved by many visitors. Therefore, if you are planning for a Hue trip, this article will recommend for you some useful information when traveling here.

Time and means of transportation

Hue is beautiful all around year; however it is often rainy from August to October so you can avoid coming here in this period.

Reaching to Hue, you can hire a motorbike to discover all places or take a bus with cheaper price. Especially, many people love travelling by a cyclo to fell sharply slow pace of this beautiful city.

Hue city 1


Coming to Hue, firstly you should go around this city to see the life and people living here. Definitely, gentle beauty of landscape and people here will leave a deep impression on you. Being located inside the Hue city centre, Citadel is the first stopover you should visit when Guide for Hue Vietnam travel - the hidden beauty of Vietnam

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traveling to Hue. After more than 100 years, the monumental architectures in Citadel are still retaining the majesty of a feudal dynasty. Here, you will have chance to discover the life of feudal kings that young people just look at the newspapers and TV. Citadel is quite wide so you should spend some 1 session or 1 day to explore entire.

Hue is also famous for many mausoleums such as Khai Dinh and Minh Mang, or Tu Duc Mausoleum. These are the tombs of Vietnam feudal kings and works of unique architecture blending European modernity and classic features of Vietnam. However, these places are not close together so you may rent motorcycles, or self drive rental cars to come there.

Moreover, poetic Perfume River is also pride of Hue. Many people compared this river to Hue girl’s hair and Trang Tien Bridge is like a silver comb pinned up that smooth hair. Other compared it to a length of silk traversing the city because of its soft and serene flow. It is considered the beauty icon of Hue tourism. Interestingly, tourists can buy a ticket and take a boat to go along the river, listen to Ca tru, a kind of Vietnam traditional music, and contemplate the scenery at night.

Hue city 2

Besides Perfume River, Ngu Binh Mountain is one of nature’s preferences for Hue. For a long time, this place has become the symbol of Hue nature. From this mountain, you can overlook whole of famous sights and dreaming landscape around.

In addition, Bach Ma Mountain is other beauty spot. Just around 60 km from Hue city, Bach Ma Mountain is well known for the many streams and spectacular waterfalls. And Azalea waterfall is one of them, with the height of 400m, azalea blooms along two sides like giant flower silk carpets in summer days. Standing on peak of Bach Ma Mountain, visitors can also observe splendid panoramic view of the Hai Van Pass, Tuy Van Mountain, Cau Hai Pond and shimmer electric light of Hue city at night.

Reaching to Bach Ma Mountain, do not forget to track a series of unique trails for those loving the wild nature. You need taking at least a day to explore each trail without any special climbing equipment. Just a pair of sneakers, socks and spirit of enthusiasm, you can conquer this mountain.

And of course, taking a Hue trekking tour, visitors cannot neglect Hue garden houses, the feature of Hue that is famous for ancient houses covered with green gardens. Hue garden house is regarded as a microcosm of idyllic daily life mounting diligent and patient life of people with the nature. That is an epitome of cultural landscape architecture. These houses are carved elaborately and roofed with antique tiles covered with a layer of green moss. All of them mixed into the green of the garden around the house make this natural picture very charming.

Furthermore, if you travel to Hue in the summer and want to have a great beach vacation, Lang Co, Thuan An, Canh Duong beach are certainty smart choices for you. All of them are ranked among the top beautiful beaches of Vietnam.

Especially, according to Hue travel experiences, an elegant pleasure that you should not ignore is enjoying bird café. People called this special name because leisurely sipping a cup of tea and immersing in the bird-songs are now become the popular image of Hue city. Tourists do not take much time to find a bird cafe shop on the north or south shore of Perfume River. There are a lot of trees, shadows and ideal spaces for you to stop and relax after a long trip.


It is true to say that Hue cuisine map is extremely diverse and special. You can enjoy some such delicious dishes that are hard to find in elsewhere such as mussel rice, pan cake, sesame cake, sweet gruel, or Hue beef noodle, Trai Va salad, etc.

Going shopping in Hue

In Hue city, the fashion shops, souvenir shops, gallery, or art studio mainly focus on some major streets such as Tran Hung Dao, Mai Thuc Loan, Le Loi, Phan Dang Luu, therefore, when travel to Hue, you can drop by these stores to buy a few essential items for yourself or as gifts for friends. Tourists also like the products of the traditional villages such as Hue hats, bronze statues, carved wooden furniture.

Hue city 3

Setting foot on this city, you will be convinced by the peace in scenery and people here instead of bustle of large industry and commerce. Maybe thanks to its incomparable beauty, Hue is always praised and has become the endless inspiration for many writers and poets. If you are wondering which beauty spot you will spend for your holiday, why not coming here and experiencing an interesting trip. Surely, this is one of the most precious times in your life.