Are you interested in truly indigenous culture of ethnic communities? It is always wise to visit Vietnam, Especially Ha Giang, the perfect destination that is famous for the traditional villages with craft products containing the traditional uniqueness of ethnic minorities.



Not only famous for tourist sites, Ha Giang is also attracted thousands of visitors by the picturesque villages preserving culture deeply imbued with national identities. Today, I would like to take you to the typically traditional villages such as craft weaving village of H’mong ethnic people; Brocade village of Lo Lo and Pa Then ethnic people; and silver carving village of Dao ethnic people.


Ha Giang Where The Unique Ethnic Identities Converged

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Craft weaving village

Would you like to be dressed in a costume featuring not only durable but also good for health or to carry unique handbags? After stressful hours at work, you definitely like to lay back on the incredibly soft pillows and cushions. Come on! Do not hesitate to visit Hmong ethnic people in Lung Tam.


Commune, far from Quan Ba district center about 20 km. They are artisans weaving the linen to make these products. These fabrics make us warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Although now there are many modern machines for production support, these products were handmade, from planting trees, to shelling, spinning, and weaving linen. They not just only are souvenirs of the traditional villages in Ha Giang, but also contain the unique culture of each ethnic Hmong on each intricate patterns and rich delicate textures.

Silver carving village

According to the concept of the Dao ethnic people, silver is extremely precious thing, which not only is used for makeup, but also brings luck and happiness. Here, girls wear silver jewelry. Getting married, each young woman is given silver jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc, by their parents.


All these jewelry is carved into many beautiful patterns and textures expressing ethnically cultural identities. Therefore, villagers always respect and pride of silver carving artisans. Over hundreds of years, the number of households in Ha Giang carving silver has declined; however, the sophistication and originality of the products seem to never fade. To make out silver products, just a few know that the unique floral motifs on products are made by the talented hands of artists with the very primitive, backward means and tools like anvil, hammer, pliers, etc. Visiting any silver carving villages on the journey of discovery Plateau, you will witness craft production stages but virtuosity.


After the tour exploring Ha Giang traditional villages with craft products, you will never forget memorable moment. Definitely, you can buy many beautiful souvenirs for your friends or family. What are you waiting for? Let take your suitcase and come to Vietnam right away!