‘Hunt’ early fog in Dalat city

Dalat is famous and given many sweet names as dreamy Dalat, Dalat city of flower, Dalat – city in forest. But the name “Dalat – fogging city” also occupies a significant position in consciousness of many people. For yeas, “fog” is also valuable feature made its own brand of this cold area.


Dalat streets sink in early fog

What can be more interesting than taking a camera along streets, mountains, valleys to watch city in early and making memory photos.

Maybe today, due to many factors such as global warming, deforestation … fog does not appear much in this city anymore. But not so, if you want to admire this specialty, just wake up at dawn on a day without rain, you will see fog covered all places.

Ancient villa in the fog

Recently, though there is not any tour – official route related to fog sightseeing, but “specialty fog” has become somewhat spontaneous tourism product of many visitors. Visitors and even paparazzi, come to Dalat with photography “kit”, wake up at 3-4 am ready to go “hunting”, watching, shaping their own to take the best photos, films in memories of this city.

Streets in early fog

in-city forest covered by fog

Dalat at night

'Hunt' early fog in Dalat city

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Valley in fog

fog falls

Ho Xuan Huong lake – the beauty of Dalat