Laos Travel Tips

Referring to tourism, people often think about the beautiful and luxurious countries such as France, Singapore, Korea or Hong Kong, shopping paradise. However, not many one really pay attention to Laos, an extremely exciting destination for those who love exploration and rustic beauty that other places rarely get. Laos is located on the Indochina Peninsula, the region of Southeast Asia. Laos is known for the land of Million Elephants and Temples with unique architectures. Coming to Laos, visitors are particularly enchanted by great waterfalls, colorful Buddha statues and friendly smiles of the people here. And to help you have a really fun trip and feel the freshness of a poor but very hospitable country, I will share some useful travel experiences in Laos.

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Time and Means of transport

Because Laos borders on S-shaped country, Laos’s climate just has 2 wet and dry seasons like Vietnam’s but going around in the summer is still the best. Laos is sandwiched between the Mekong River and Truong Son mountain range, so you can get to this land from many different directions. The procedure to Laos is quite simple and quick, you just need having a passport to begin their own trip. Moreover, it is quite easy and not too expensive to move around Laos. Most tourism offices and hotels sell tickets to go to the neighboring provinces. Coming here, you can share a tuk tuk or pickup truck (a kind of small trucks), the main means of transport in Laos, with other travelers and hire students as tour guides to save costs.

Popular destinations

Being a mountainous country and completely nonadjacent to the sea, Laos always brings back to time feeling for any tourists. If most of the countries of Southeast Asia are changing vigorously and rising to international integration, travelers can still find a sense of peace, calm in Laos. Even in Vientiane, people often feel that this is a quiet town located on the river more than the capital of a country.

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In Lao, Vientiane means “the city of moon”.  You will perceive the peaceful feeling when coming here because there are many trees, temples with curved roof architecture, and little skyscraper. All of them create a special beauty that can not fade over time. Especially, security is really safe; you can leisurely walk on small roads to feel relaxation and comfort which are far different from other crowed, noisy countries. In addition, visitors cannot ignore the ancient Temples of Laos, and That Luang is one of them. This temple is known as national symbol and Buddhism symbol of Laos. Architectural styles of this temple deeply bear the stamp of Laos culture and national character.

In addition, visitors should not miss Luang Prabang, other impressive destination. It is true to say that it cannot be a fully interesting trip to “Million Elephant country”, if you have not visited Luang Prabang – one of the best-preserved city in Asia. Luang Prabang is a very excellent tourism city of Laos, situated on the banks of the dreaming Mekong River, a great place to contemplate the sunset. With the values ​​of culture, history and architecture, this city has been recognized as world heritage by UNESCO in 1995 and the Travel and Leisure Magazine of America ranked as one of ten most attractive cities in Asia. Furthermore, tourists also have chance to climb Phousi Mount, an ideal position to view all the scenes. On the mountain peak, there is Wat Chomsi temple where travelers can offer flowers to wish blessing. Besides, Laos also own a lot of other wonderful destinations such as Kuang Si or Khone Phapheng waterfall, Pak Ou cave and Vang Vieng town, etc.

Laos Travel Tips

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Lao Cuisine

Food here is evaluated to be not only delicious, clean but also cheap. The local specialty cakes sold in the city are really tasty and have reasonable price. Besides, Lao coffee is well known as high-grade beverage in the world. Let come to try on entering a nice restaurant to enjoy unforgettable favor. Along the Mekong River banks, there are a lot of restaurants which combine French cuisine’s style and Laos’s.

If tourists are asked about the feeling after having a journey to Laos, their answers rarely lack good comment about the people here. They are very pure-minded, gentle and friendly. Coming to Laos, you will not get lost feeling as traveling in any other countries.

Leave this land, maybe one day you feel tired and remember the peace with the green row of trees, small roads, ancient temples of this country, and warm smile of Lao people as well. I am sure that visiting Lao one time you will desire to come back here soon.