Mui Dinh is located in Son Hai Hamlet, Phuoc Dinh Commue, Thuan Nam District, Ninh Thuan Province. It is around 30 kilometers from Phan Rang City to the south.


This place allures tourists with wild and natural beauty capturing people’s heart. It is impossible to not to mention winding roads embracing mountain hills; long roads across steppe, the majestic landscapes like Trang Beach, Mui Dinh lighthouse, small sandy desert and dreamy sheep fields.


If running from the Ca Na to Mui Dinh, you will be surprised by the beauty of the mountainous roads, blue and clear Ca Na Beach, fishing boats far away, etc.


Trang Beach is wonderful and pristine beach at the foot of the mountains attracting travelers even when they are just on mountain passes.


In order to reach to Mui Dinh, you have to pass over 1 km on the desert with hot sand and sweltering sun of drylands. Otherwise, you can ride on the sandy terrain to reduce fatigue.


Trang Beach, favorite destination of many tourists, this is an idea place to camp overnight and enjoy sunrise view. The young people coming here really love playing with the waves, clear waters and taking photograph. Wild flowers, rocks, soil, a few coconut trees adorn natural beauty of Trang Beach.

Mui Dinh, Unskippable Place When Travelling To Ninh Thuan

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In the early evening, you can get here to relax soul, watch scenery and enjoy wind, salty flavor of sea; it is really worthy to experience this peaceful feeling. Anyone love quiet atmosphere will love this land so much.


The narrow path that leads to the Mui Dinh lighthouse with the length of 1.5 km was made long time ago, so there are some damaged, degraded parts.



It is pretty tired to walk to reach here, but it deserves our effort because of numerous beautiful landscapes, from mountain, grazing goats to the vast ocean scenery.


Leaving Mui Dinh and go towards Phan Rang, have chance to see green steppe in the heart of desert green. The roads, rice fields, milpa combined with blue sky, majestic mountains create a wonderful and stunning picture.


Son Hai sheep field is always an ideal spot for guests to visit, explore and take special photos.