Needless to Ha Giang to enjoy buckwheat flowers

You have a desire to watch and take pictures of pink-purple buckwheat flower fields spread through green rice roads, but you do not have enough time to go to Ha Giang – a place of many buckwheat fields. Don’t worry, I will tell you another option.

About 40km from center of Thai Nguyen town (Thai Nguyen province), there is area of 2000 square meter of buckwheat in Lung Luong Thuong Nung, Vo Nhai district. It becomes a new destination for many travel lovers, photographers, as well as visitors.

Buckwheat fields of Mong people
Pristine whiteness of buckwheat flowers on blue background of trees, mountains and forests give us a sweet feeling and relaxation. Its purple-ping color make up a rustic poetry scene.
Hmong girl inside buckwheat flower hill

Previously, if you wish to watch buckwheat flowers, you may confuse because traveling to Ha Giang is quite far and danger. Here it is different, you still have to be challenged on small winding roads around mountain, but it’s not too dangerous. You have many choices to going to Thai Nguyen: public bus or take a motobike ride.

Needless to Ha Giang to enjoy buckwheat flowers

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As a new tourist destination, there are not much services for sightseeing, but the wild and rustic nature may impress people heart. You can also rent ethnic clothes and horses to take souvenir photos. Guests can ask village peoples for food preparation and overnight place with very low cost.

Have a safe and fun trip!