Nha Trang Vietnam – the Pearl of the Far East

Apart from the poetic beauty of Hue, or modern beauty of Hanoi Capital, Nha Trang is also considered the tourism land of Vietnam with luxurious beauty of a dynamic coastal city. It does not exaggerate when visitors have shared that Nha Trang is the place that you just left, already want to come back. Now, let follow this article to travel to Nha Trang with your imagination and see how beautiful it is!

The first moment setting food on Nha Trang, you will be immediately impressed by the fresh air, sunny blue sky and bustling crowed people.


Looking Nha Trang Beach from a high position, we can see the entire luxurious beauty of this coastal city. It is compared to a magic beautiful picture that nature cleverly created. The beach bends as if embracing the emerald bay, and especially it also adorned with coconut groves and willow rows at seaside, that making scenery here more perfectly wonderful. From beaches with white stretching sand, dreaming islands and magical coral reefs under the ocean to the ancient Cham temples on the mountain are the factors making tourists feel ecstatic when coming here.

Refering to Nha Trang, we cannot neglect the Nha Trang Bay, a gorgeous bay with area of ​​500km ², including 19 large and small islands in which Hon Tre Island is the largest with an area of ​​3,250 hectares and Hon Noc islet only has an area of 4 ha. Running along the coast of Nha Trang Bay is approximately 7km road named Tran Phu – the most beautiful street of Nha Trang, snaking the coast with a series of many luxurious villas, hotels, and restaurants. Besides that, there is a service system consisting of postal services, museums, libraries, clubs and souvenirs shops.

Hon Chong stone complex

Hon Chong is one of the attractive sights of Nha Trang. Any visitors getting here are very excited to hear stories about Hon Chong rock complex. There are many variants associated with Hon Chong and traces on rocks; however those are interesting things that nature has bestowed on the people here. From the city center, tourists running along the coast towards the northeast can see this scenic spot. The road leading to Hon Chong now is pretty and dreamy; because one side is the sea with immense stretching sand and other side is the beautiful works and architecture.

Located jutting out from the sea, Hon Chong almost separates from the bustle of streets. In addition, it is also one of the most beautiful views of city. Coming to Hon Chong, visitors can sit on the rocks to drop fishing-rod or move a few dozen meters to the shore to bathe on smooth sand with blue waters. Moreover, it is covered with many large and small islands reducing wind speed and impact of typhoon rain, therefore, the beach of Nha Trang Bay and Hon Chong are considered two of the great and safe bays.

Vinpearl – tourism paradise of Vietnam

Located on Hon Tre island, VinPearl- “Pearl of the Far East” attracts many visitors’ heart by its beauty and it is regarded as tourism paradise with the most modern and unique service. When hearing about this place, surely everyone wants to come and explore it. Coming to Vinpearl, visitors can travel by boat or canoe, but the most optimal and popular choice is to move by cable. You will feel extremely interesting when sitting on a cable and contemplating scenery of Nha Trang beach, looking immense space of city as well. Especially, it is far different from sitting cable on the mountain because it brings you gentle and relaxed feeling thanks to cool, fresh wind from the sea.


In particular, the thing making travelers really enjoy is aquarium underwater, the largest and most modern one of Vietnam. Visiting here will make you experience amazing feeling like walking in the ocean and directly see beautiful and rare marine creature. And of course, Tourism at Vinpearl is highly appreciated because it is a complex of perfect entertainment, travelling, and resorts. It will be a memorable landmark of your journey and make you definitely satisfied.

Nha Trang Vietnam - the Pearl of the Far East

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Hon Mun Island – Marine Protection Zone in Vietnam

Getting to Nha Trang, tourists who are interested in exploring have opportunity to experience a new feeling with snorkeling tour to discover shimmering world in the ocean. Hon Mun Island is a famous island of Nha Trang bay with pure waters and gorgeous coral reef ecosystems. According to statistics, there are about 2,000 species of coral and marine creature in the world, in which Hon Mun has 1,500 species. Maybe the beach at Hon Mun is not as big as other but the ocean world around island is really marvelous. Besides various marine creature complexes, Hon Mun seabed is also an interesting, useful place to for oceanographers to observe, study about tropical marine biology, and for tourists having desire to discover the sea.


When you dive into the water, it is a completely different world; it is sparkling, colorful and fanciful. From the stretching coral “forest” with many shapes, strange colors to anemones, and sea urchins, crabs and shrimp are also competing to show their coloring.

Furthermore, Nha Trang’s beauty does not stop at these above scenic spots; this city also owns many other appealing attractions such as Yang Bay Waterfall, Van Phong Bay, Ninh Van Bay, Ponagar Tower, Doc Let resort, etc.

Nha Trang food

This coastal city is not only famous for its beautiful landscape, it is also well known for many tasty and unique dishes. Here, visitors will enjoy great dishes with very distinctive flavor of a coastal and gentle, friendly people. Fried fish soup is a popular dish sold a lot on the streets of city. It is not expensive dish but it has become a specialty that visitors certainly have to taste. In addition, Nha Trang grilled meatballs, can cake, Lac Canh roasted beef are some dishes should not be ignored.


If you intend to make a tour around Vietnam, do not forget to list Nha Trang to your journey. Just coming here, going around, taking part in some exciting activities and tasting delicious foods here, you can understand why this wonderful coastal city is always praised like that.