Pyramids of Egypt to Pyramids of Mexico

Like to spend money to hang around the pyramids in Giza (Egypt) for two days, I spent six hours just for walking around Teotihuacan (Mexico). The most unforgettable moment is when a backpacker like me leaned back into the top of Pyramid and slept.

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A view down to Death Avenue (Avenue of the Dead). The Pyramid of Sun is in the left corner.

Ancient Wonder of the Egypt desert

When sitting in a room full of coffins with groggy lights of Khufu’s Great Pyramid, I wondered what has happened here 46 centuries ago, when the power Pharaoh rested in peace.

This nearly vertical wooden ladder was made later to lead tourists up to this room. Only people, who are very curious, have enough patience to queue in a long line of travelers stooped and gasping due to air intake restriction.

Although there was nothing much to see inside, but a journey of climbing to the highest chamber of the largest pyramids of Egypt was a very unforgettable experience.

Từ kim tự tháp Ai Cập đến Mexico

The Great Pyramid of Khufu, the first pyramid at Giza was completed in 2600 BC, then the next is pyramid of Khafre – the only architecture that has retained very little limestone surface on the top, and finally Menkaure pyramid – the smallest architecture.

Through this long time, these incredible architectures still stand between burning deserts and challenge humanity intellectual in finding ways to build them.

While scholars remain absorbed in seeking answers, thousands of tourists come here from all over the world every day, experience the feeling on a camel’s back, climb up stone steps of the Cheops pyramid or visit ancient buildings under desert sun. So It’s not surprising to hear that 11% of annual GDP Egypt is a share of tourism industry.

Từ kim tự tháp Ai Cập đến Mexico

The world third largest pyramid in Mexico

Từ kim tự tháp Ai Cập đến Mexico

Unlike pyramids at Giza that is resting places of the Pharaoh, Teotihuacan was once a city spread over 20 km2. Before being destroyed and fell into oblivion since 650 AD, Teotihuacan was the home of 125,000 people in 500 years.

Later, the area became a place of worship of the Aztecs with temples, palaces, and of course, giant pyramids. The Aztecs believed that the Gods had sacrificed themselves here to make the Sun moving while “Fifth world” begins.

(In the faith of Aztecs, they said that they live in “the fifth world” next to four worlds being destroyed by the death of sun and mankind. To the Aztecs, killed people were for for health god is to keep the sun continues to live.)

Pyramids of Egypt to Pyramids of Mexico

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Từ kim tự tháp Ai Cập đến Mexico

Pyramid Del Sol (Pyramid of the Sun) and Pyramid del Luna (Pyramid of the Moon) are two of the most prominent architectures remained of the largest ancient Mexico.

Pyramid of the Sun can be seen as the pride of the Mexican people because this is the third largest pyramid in the world.

It is believed that today the pyramid of the Sun is located in the place that was used to adore the Sun god before the pyramid was built.

It’s amazing to know that pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan has the same length of bottom edge with the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt.

Whether in terms of age, pyramid of the Sun is just “juniors” which was completed in 150 AD. Not only that, height of Pyramid of the Sun is less than half of architecture in Giza (65m compared to 144m).

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Contrary to the pyramids in Giza of Egypt, those were made by big heavy rocks and tighted together without any adhesive, two pyramids of the Sun and Moon use stone, gravel and soil.

The amount of rocks and soil, that was used to build this unique architecture in Teotihuacan, is only about 2.5 million tons, while to build up the pyramid of Khufu, the Egyptians had to use 6.5 tons of rocks.

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248 is exactly the number of steps that you have to climb over the top of the Sun pyramid. This is the place of best views down the old city below. Unlike stretch of sandy desert in Cairo, green country scene is surrounding the pyramids in Teotihuacan.

Từ kim tự tháp Ai Cập đến Mexico

Cluster of Giza pyramids are not the only pyramids in Egypt. If you have a passion for this type of architecture, you can visit many pyramids in the suburban of Cairo as the red Pyramid, Pyramid of floors (Step pyramid of Zoser).

Particularly with the pyramid in Giza, Cairo: Not many people get a chance to get inside of pyramid of Khufu, if not come here early in the ticketing hours. Every day, there are only 300 tickets sold and two times: 150 tickets early in the morning and 150 tickets in early afternoon, 100 Egyptian pounds / ticket.

Egypt has very strict requirements for travelers inside the pyramid: do not make photos or films. Recording device is required to leave in the car or at the entrance.

If you do not wish to visit inside of the pyramids, ticket fare is 60/30 Egyptian pound (adult / student) sold freely every day. However, this ticket allows you to visit outside of the pyramids and the Sphinx.

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In order to come to Teotihuacan, you can catch a bus from Terminal Autobuses del Norte, Mexico City, for $ 40 Mexican Pesos / way. The bus from Mexico will stop in the gate 1 after an hour.

To return to the city, you walk to the gate 2 to catch a bus. Fare is 57 Pesos.

Weather in the Giza, Cairo and Teotihuacan is quite hot during day. Remember to bring a hat and drink if you plan to walk for several hours. If you have heart disease or arthritis, consider before deciding to climb the pyramids.

Từ kim tự tháp Ai Cập đến Mexico

Author and … her shoes in Teotihuacan.

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