The beautiful road trips on journey through Vietnam

On these roads, emotions of riding a bike on top of the windswept pass, under sunrise, purple sunset, or in untouched moonlight, passing the misty pine forest, fluffy white clouds crossing the rustic village on the way … will make us impassioned.

If you travel alot, you may already have at least one time of downhill riding in twilight. Sun crosses the pass, mountains turn to half brightness. Going to the dark side, you will realize the cold wilderness. The traveler, tries to go into sunny region to enjoy vast sky that is turning to warm color, such as bright bursts before sinking into darkness. Light was off, darkness and cold embrace and arouse sadness, lonely and nostalgic.

Early sunshine avenues

Sunny sky and clouds on O Quy Ho pass

Running through Ma Pi Leng

Pha Din Pass. Standing on top of the pass on the side of Dien Bien provice, you can zoom eye to look away toward modern new route, winding around mountain with deep abyss bridges. There, you can see Muong Quai valley spreading with green hills, blue sky and big white clouds floating. All colors, scenery intertwin to create a truly spectacular scenery. Hidden in the landscape is looming rooftops of the village, which looks so small between immense space of the earth and sky

Ma Phuc Pass is located on a unique way QL3 from Phu Lo to Ta Lung border gate of Cao Bang province. Pass is round inside limestone highest mountains, lush green vegetation in a mild climate all year around.

Tam Canh Pass

The beautiful road trips on journey through Vietnam

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Trung Khanh, Cao Bang province.

Leave mountain passes behind, I go on the narrow dirt road, covered with flowers and drive between rice paddy fields in Ha Tinh province

Muong Lat. The dirt roads, rubble and fallen trees. But I feel no any hard. It only adds spice to my alone emotions.

Quan Hoa, Thanh Hoa province. Village bamboos breeze in the evening with grass burning smell

Indochina Fork, Highland. The red dirt roads pass through grass hills of sunny and windy Highlands

Are you excited by these wild and primitive roads?

Do you remember mountain plateau city of Pleiku (Gia Lai), blue Bien Ho Lake, windswept passage? I have a feeling of being welcomed here.

Binh Thuan with footsteps crunched, hot and the wind carries sand …

Dam Mon, Van Phong bay, Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa province. roads with immense white sand, whispering wave and wind bringing breath of salty sea.

Sunny and windy Binh Tien, Ninh Thuan with blue and wild beaches

(Source photo: thanhnien)