The best spots to take photos in Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An Vietnam is a very touristic town and it is therefore not always easy to take shots without having foreign tourists in the background. Here is a list of tips on how to get the best of Hoi An in photography. Regularly, we’ll add new spots to discover.

Old town of Hoi An

The Ancient Town

For the old town the best time to take photos is from 5.30 – 6 am in the morning, this time reflects the most the real local life of Hoi An. You will be able to see many locals having breakfast on street stools, people jogging and bringing their children to school. The first waves of tourists arrive around 8 am where it becomes difficult to take a shot.


On a sunny day around 4.30pm – 5 pm, head towards Nguyen Phuc Chu street on An Hoi islet, from this spot, there are great shots to be made of Bach Dang street which is across the river. With the reflection of the sun and the river, the yellow walls of the street appear to have this unique golden color.

On the other side of the Japanese bridge, you will get a great light. You just have to wait the model.

Japanese bridge

Another good spot, during a sunny day is to take photos from the main bridge connecting the old town of Hoi An and An Hoi and face towards the boats on the river, the river appears to have a particular green layer and the reflection of the boats on the river can make up for a great shot.

Cua dai Beach in Hoi An
The best spots to take photos in Hoi An Vietnam

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Sunrise on the beach

For great sunrise photos head towards the beach around 4.30 – 5am in the summer, the sun rises next to the cham islands, and the sky appears to have this beautiful pink orange color.

Sunset in Hoi An

Sunset on the rice fields or the river

One of the best spots is between Tra Que village and the town center on Hai ba Trung as you cross the rice paddies there are a few small tracks left and right of the road that leads to other parts of town. The best is the one on the right as you are coming from town, right in the middle on a good day, one will be able to catch a beautiful pink / blue sunset with in the background buffaloes, locals on bicycles and a great sun reflection on the rice paddies.

The best time of year to take photos are the summer months of May / June, July and August.

Buffalo sunset Hoi An

Sunset River Hoi An

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