The most beautiful ancient village of Vietnam seen from the sky

Seen from above, the ancient village – Duong Lam (located in Son Tay, Hanoi) remains unique beauty of ancient rural Vietnam with green space, red-tile-roof houses, laterite wall.

Ngôi làng cổ đẹp nhất Việt Nam nhìn từ bầu trời

Duong Lam ancient village is located on Highway No32, at junction of intersection with Ho Chi Minh road, where Tich Giang river flows from Suoi Hai, Ba Vi district and pass Duong Lam to Son Tay town (Hanoi).

Village narrow roads curving as streams.

Duong Lam was ranked as national monument since 2005. The village Gate is one of the most romantic corner with trees, water berth, lotus pond, duckweed pond, rice fields … as typical features of rural Vietnam.

The most beautiful ancient village of Vietnam seen from the sky

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Duong Lam Commune consists of 5 village Mong Phu, Dong Sang, Cam Thinh, Doai Giap, Cam Lam with 99 valuable old houses, nearly 1,000 traditional houses (tile roof, brick or laterite walls…) and many historic ranked relics.

Mong Phu village is a place that completely retains ancient beauty with red tile roofs located between groves of tree.

Most people in Duong Lam are aware of cultural values ​​of their village. They already know ancient meditative beauty of old houses that are attracting tourists going from everywhere to visit.

Parts that make the soul of village are laterite walls, laterite gate, paved tilt walkways, high windowsill and ancestor worship space.

In the village there are many old wells of various size, from small to large, in the courtyard and outside.

Even houses that was restored, embellished, or new build, also follow ancient architecture to fit culture of the village.

All lane roads in the village are impasse to prevent thefts. Normally all houses have a secret door.

Currently Duong Lam is one of the attractive tourist destinations in the north of Vietnam by basic characteristics of Vietnamese villages.

Source Photo: ZingNew