Top 5 exotic honeymoon destinations

Marriage is one of the most important event in our life and after marriage the newly couples often have a honeymoon trip to prepare for their new role in the family. It is true to say that honeymoon is the most romantic and sweet moment of couples. It is considered the meaningful gift and relaxed time for them to take a break to share some private and intimate moments that helps establish love in relationship. Therefore, if you are wondering which destination you will choose for this wonderful time, and want to have a special stamp with new experiences, do not ignore these below destinations. You will not absolutely regret the expense that you had to spend.

1. Bali island

Indonesia is famous for thousands of large and small islands, in which Bali Island is a brilliant ruby. Bali is one of Asia’s top luxurious destinations and it is mentioned as a “Paradise on Earth” or “Island of God” by many tourists from all over the world.

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Coming to Bali, visitors can easily recognize why this place has been awarded the World’s Best Island by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Being in Bali is like setting your foot in paradise where you will witness the peace and serenity white sand beaches, lush terraced rice fields, and pristine, spectacular scenery. Bali blends cool climate, and picturesque scenes, blue sea and sky. Coming here, you can experience a lot of interesting activities especially water sports to save the best romantic memories. You can spend all day lying on the beach to sun bathe, surfing the waves or exploring beautiful forests. If you have much time, you can get to Lovina beach in the northwest of the Bali Island. Here, in nice weather days, you will have the opportunity to watch the dolphins swim around your boat. It cannot be more exciting. These great things have made Bali become a dream paradise of thousands of couples around the world.

2. Jeju Island

Jeju Island is South Korea’s largest island, and located 130km from the mainland so Jeju Island is influenced by the ocean air mass. The weather is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Top 5 exotic honeymoon destinations

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Contrary to bustling Seoul, the peaceful island, sun-drenched coastline adorned the vast flower fields, and foggy Hallasan Mountain turned Jeju into a fairyland for romantic couples. Especially, the peak of this mountain is also an ideal place to stroll or ride a horse. In addition, poetic and wild beauty is also transformed into source of inspiration for Korea filmmakers. Any couple would love to set foot on Jeju and regard it as a landmark marking their passionate love.

3. Venice

Venice known as La Serenissima – which means “the most peaceful place” is located in northeastern Italia with a group of 118 small islands. It is known through the touching love story, as the capital of romance.

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Going to Venice is a journey that can give you fresh air, escape from the common pollution and stress of busy city life. The city has attracted the hearts and minds of those who once set foot in the place. Coming to Venice means that you will undergo the greatest time in your life. You and your lover can together leisurely walk along the narrow roads; listen to music performed by the street artists. Especially, San Marco Square is another famous place in Venice; you must feel very interesting when walking hand in hand and contemplating the pigeons. Coming here, you will be sunk in restful and romantic space of Italian.

4. Paris

If you have never been Paris but had dreamed of spending your honeymoon in the “city of light”, you would have the most reasonable choice already. For centuries, the one who love traveling agree that there is no place more romantic than Paris. Food, wine, art, architecture, the charming hotel, and even the elegant sound of the French language are some of the temptations of this city.

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Paris is one of attractive options for couples to go on their honeymoon. Coming here, do not forget to take a cruise on the Sein River, contemplate the city from the 2nd floor of Eiffel Tower, or go shopping at Champs Élysées, the most beautiful avenue of this city. Having a warm dinner, enjoying French wine with fragrant candles and roses will definitely make newlywed couples remember forever. Furthermore, local residents said that there are too many brides and grooms coming here to view the majestic and poetic landscape, therefore, a lot of places were named after the word “bride” such as Bridal Veil Falls, Bridal Tower, Bride’s Shore, etc.

5. Sapa

Sapa is not a strange name on Vietnam’s tourism map and thanks to charming beauty, it is often chosen as a honeymoon destination by many couples. This place is well known as a beautiful highland having 4 seasons in a day and surrounded by not only the majestic scenery of the mountains but also the poetic beauty of flower, terraces and villages covered in mist.

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Coming to Sapa, you can enjoy fresh air, visit France ancient villas, and contemplate Bac waterfall with the height of 100 meters, get to know H’Mông’s life as well, take part in Love Market or climb “Heaven Gate” to take some photos of foggy town. The landscape here is gorgeous like a masterpiece of nature. In that poetic and romantic scenery, nothing is more interesting than going around with your lover. It is indeed unforgettable memories to start happy married life in the future.

In short, arriving one of these destinations for honeymoon, you will have no doubt you are on one of amazing destinations in the world and experience the most romantic time in your life.