Referring to Sai Gon- Ho Chi Minh City, people often think about the most crowded and biggest city of Vietnam. Besides, Sai Gon is also considered tourism centre, gateway with developed and modern infrastructure, service systems. The climate here is pleasant and divided into two distinctive seasons, so you can come here at any time. Therefore, Sai Gon tourism now is more and more developing.

Sai Gon is well known for many interesting and beautiful places and Suoi Tien Amusement Park in district 9 is one of them. Coming here, tourists can enjoy fully natural charming landscapes in which springs, forests, fish lakes are arranged alternately, and combined harmoniously in a large, green overall space. Besides, this amusement park are invested to build a complex entertainment zone with many styles, genres of entertainment attached to historical images, Vietnam legendaries such as Lac Long Quan-Au Co, Hung King, Son Tinh- Thuy Tinh, nine floors of hell. Moreover, Suoi Tien Amusement Park also brings up numerous rare animals such as aquatic species, tigers, bears, chimpanzees, especially the pond with about 2,000 crocodiles that meet the great sightseeing demand of tourists.


Visiting Suoi Tien, you have chance to contemplate the beautiful aquarium with hundreds of fish swimming in glass cellar. A special work extremely appealing tourists to come here is Tien Dong beach- a unique model of artificial beach in Vietnam. This area is build majestically, luxuriously with a 70 meter mountain range and huge statue of Lac Long Quan, Au Co Mountain. Poetic beauty cleverly combined with nature and the art of man; ancient and modern architecture in a fresh atmosphere make Suoi Tien really become an attractive entertainment place of Ho Chi Minh City.

Furthermore, we cannot skip the most modern and largest park in Viet nam, Dam Sen Cultural Park- one of the top ideal destinations in Sai Gon. Having the total area of 50 hectares in which more than 60 percents is green trees, flowers and the rest is lake, Dam Sen Cutural Park is compared to green oasis in the heart of city, the convergence of many cultures.


Top ideal destinations in Sai Gon

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Being similar to Suoi Tien, this is a small house of many species including peacocks, pheasants, parrots, elephants, etc. Besides the beauty of nature, this is an amazing amusement area for teenagers and children with many interesting games such as roller coaster, spinning coaster, horror castle, mini Frisbee, crazy train, discovering virtual world. Especially, visitors can enjoy big shows such as Laser Show, Cinema on water surface, or “Dinosaurs Park”.

After taking a rest at these parks, you should take a trip to travel around Sai Gon City and the next stopover must be Duc Ba Cathedral, the pride of people here. Anyone coming to Sai Gon wants to take a photo in this place; it seems to be a proof to prove that they already set food on this land. Duc Ba Cathedral is a large and unique catholic church constructed by a French architect in 1877 and completed in 1880. The church’s interior is decorated and designed sophisticatedly in the solemn and delicate style. This is not only a catholic work but also a historical, cultural architecture in the city centre.


Besides, if Dong Xuan Market is known as a famous destination of Ha Noi, Ben Thanh Market is regarded the symbol of Sai Gon. Not only a trading place, for a long time, it has become a history witness for changing, ups and down of this city. This market sells all kinds of items from vegetables, meat, fishes to candies, clothes, footwear, electric supplies, or souvenirs, etc. Moreover, referring to Ben Thanh Market, we cannot neglect cuisine area including many traditional foods of every region. It is voted to be one of ten destinations having the most attractive dishes in the world by Food and Wine Magazine.

In addition, after travelling to familiar places in the city center, tourists should come to Van Thanh or Binh Quoi tourism village in the next day to fell the peace among the animation, and noise of a big city. They are famous for beautiful landscape with green coconut rows, wooden bridges, the huts on lake where you can sit to drop fishing rod and fell the fresh air of nature.


However, the beauty of this city does not stop at these above destinations, there are a lot of appealing places you should visit if having much time. They are Ho Chi Minh Theater, Thao Cam Vien Zoo, Linh Son Pagoda, Cu Chi Tunnel, Stork Garden, Ton Duc Thang Museum, etc.

Travelling is not only the good way to refresh our life; it is also the chance for us to perceive the knowledge about the culture, people or custom. Therefore, should you have time, let book a trip to go around and especially do not skip Sai Gon, the dynamic city of Vietnam with a lot of amusement places. Just come here and experience the greatest time in your life.